Deficiency Collections
  • SST can complete the servicing cycle through recovery of deficiency balances following the liquidation of collateral.

    Here are some of the services that NCO Financial Systems can provide:

  • Pursues and recovers deficiency balances on defaulted consumer receivables on behalf of lenders, trustees, insurance companies and other appropriate parties.

  • Assumes the recovery effort after liquidation or disposition of collateral.

  • SST understands that closing the servicing cycle by collecting deficiency balances is crucial to improved portfolio performance. Unlike many servicers who do not offer this capability, SST integrates deficiency collections with its other services to ensure that each client's experience is coordinated and complete.

    Additional benefits include:

  • Flexibility and control for a customized deficiency collections approach.

  • A proven track record for performance.

  • Disaster recovery approach is tested regularly.

  • Pricing structure is based on a contingency fee.

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